Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my heart, as hard as the rock.

Good Morning, readers!
I just got home from a long tiring day.
I was so relunctant to sleep early yesterday as it was my last holiday before I head back to work.
I ended up sleeping at 8 in the morning and waking up at 12pm.
Needless to say, I missed Sports Ville's official opening.
To apologise for missing it and to show my support,
I wore their official "jersey" there and that jersey, it's my very first piece that says:
I am a fooser!
* a noob one, if you must know *
Anyhoos, since I woke up at 12pm and had nothing better to do till 6 in the evening,
I texted skinnylegs to go out and capture some photos.
Yes, skinnylegs bought a dang new Nikon DSLR!!
Took us about three hours since I woke up to actually meet.
Went over to The Curve cause well, The Curve is simply beautiful.
I adore that mall's concept.
It's peacefull, spacious, luxurious looking and home-ie.
Yes it is!!
Skinnylegs wanted to capture some photos by the fountain in between:
1) Bavarian Bierhause
3) Big Apple Donuts
4) Marche.
FYI, I am camera-shy in public.
Unless someone's posing with me.
The staffs were all busy starring at us!
So we ended up chilling @ Starbucks first.
And here's a candid.
The colours turned out simply gorgeous!!
Skinnylegs got bored of taking candid shots after like 30 mins or more.
Kept pestering me to get off my seat, stop  being shy and head over to the fountain.
I finally gave in and we went.
I was feeling extremely awkward at first but yeah, it got better after awhile.
I refused to look straight in the camera for the first few shots.
Cardigan & Floral Tube Dress: Online Blogshop, Beige booties and belt: Kiss & Tell, Bag: Topshop
See? Not so camera shy now.
Though the weather wasn't very good,
That area was still looking pretty.
and I got caught under the rain.
I finally warmed up to taking photos alone in public that I got so excited,
I said this to skinnylegs:
Hey, I think the photos will look good taken from that view
*pointing to first floor*
Yeah, go upstairs and I'll capture it from here.
So I climbed up the stairs and boy, I look small.
Later on when we were about to leave The Curve,
Skinnylegs suggested mirror reflections.
I like how the background colour turned out.
Anyhoos, I went over to Sports Ville after work today @ 2am.
It was pretty empty when I got there but it's also a good thing for me.
I got my hard core training from Phyden and Galvin.
Its awesome!!
However, I pity Phyden for training me cause I s*cked!!
Oh, I received quite a few upsetting messages too.
Yes it hurts, but I think my heart is so numb, I feel no remorse.
And I am a sick puppy!!!
Did I mention how happy I am that Portugal is officially out from FIFA 10'?
Hell yeah, I am proud of Spain for kickin arse!!
See Ronaldo, you really shouldn't be bragging so much about yourself!
World's best footballer?
♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I punched daddy's table. ):

I adore Yukilo's outfit here!
It's vintage-ly girlish!
I have been searching everywhere for a top like hers.
And guess what?
I found a not so similar vintage top!!
Was checking for updates @ Diary Addiction
and boy, was I lucky!
Bought this from Mizu Closet at a very reasonable price.
My chances of getting it was slipping away when the seller told me there were defects.
Thankfully, her supplier had extras.
You can pretty much get it from any blogshops now.
Here's my version of Yukilo's Girlie.
Almost there!
Heck, my hair's in a complete mess.
Vintage Top: Mizu Closet, Belt: Offline Bazaar, Bag: Clothes For Fun, Skirt: Ablinc, Ankle Booties: Kiss & Tell
And I was just thinking if it will look nice pairing it with shorts.
I ♥ the outcome!!
Short: Midnight Carnivale, Headband: The Curve's Bazaar

Heading off to bed now.
It's been a long terrible night.
And ooh, I am heading to Sports Ville for their official opening at 10am!
I'm such a wonder women!!
Portugal vs Spain @ 2.30am, Wednesday!
Go Spain!!
Brazil, you made my day
♥ not.yor.average.barbie♥

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spare me some ♥

I have moved all my pre-loved items from


More updates coming up soon!


Seriously? Seriously.

This image is LOL!!
The name for this lube is just hillarious!
Here's the description from Green Tree by Northland:
Bust-A-Nut is a clear multipurpose lubricant that provides long lasting protection.
Are you thinkin what I thought it was just by looking at the word:
Now now, this is what Bust-A-Nut Teflon lube actually is:
Product sprays out as a liquid and rapidly sets up into a tenacious lubricating film.
 Use Bust-A-Nut on rusted bolts, chains, gears, hinges, winches, cables, sprockets and rollers.
Our minds are purely polluted, its amazing.
Failblog made my day ♥
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He is going to Zouk

while I'm here in the dark dark room feeling all messed up.
the world is full of people that shine, i alone am dark
Julith Jedamus

I missed the big battle.

Yup, I missed the big battle tonite.
Brazil vs Portugal.
All cause I slept late and broke the deal.
The least you could do is show some appreciation for the effort made.
Instead of going on about how 14 or 40 minutes, it doesnt make any difference.
I could have stayed up till the sun is shining so brightly which I didn't.
When you first said you love me, I was beyond happy.
Yes, I was indeed!
But now that I think of it, I don't think you actually do.
Those words were just text and like you once said,
it's just someone typing behind the screen.
They could be completely expressionless for all you know.
I dont feel needed nor wanted.
And that deal, yes it's my fault for breaking it.
But then again, I'm a human.
I am not your pet and neither am i your toy.
On the other hand,
I spent two and a half hours alone, down at the park in my condo.
Reading a book in the cold cold chilly night,
sipping my Winter Melon flavored can drink,
watching the kids playing while parents chat-away.
Yes, it brought back memories and how I used to love doing just that.
Ooh, thank you Anas for the score report.
Brazil baybehh, you are awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

a silent night reminds me how lonely life can get without you.

I reached Midvalley pretty early today.
So early that my manager asked me to accompany her to Topshop.
They were having sales specially for MEMBERS only and lucky me, I am one.
I wasn't supposed to shop but heck, I found a piece that I've been dying to get.
(and my size was sold out in other outlets!!)
Finally got myself this peach body suit and it was the last piece for my size.
And it was selling at only RM39!!

Bodysuit: Topshop, Floral Skirt & Shoes: Ablinc


Necklace: Diva, Handbag: Clothes For Fun, Belt: Off-line Bazaar

And I got this sundress couple of weeks back.
I actually ordered the one in nude but the button came off while I was trying it on.
The seller was kind enough to let me exchange for a new one without making any fuss.
She is so sweet, isn't she?
However, her supplier gave her the wrong colour.
I didnt want to trouble her anymore so I took the yellow one instead.
Which I love even more!

Sundress: Flaunts, Sandal: Cotton On

I just adore both the bag and sandal so very much!!
Btw, I just realised I am obsessed with colours that falls within yellow to brown.
Which includes nude, peach, orange.. and an odd one out, coral pink!
Pastel colours are my new black.

Last but not least,
I miss my Juhm-pieee!
He's just so adorable but he can be annoying at times.
* ♪ whistles ♪ *
That's why I love you.

you know I do and always will
I will definitely miss having you around.

♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

walk with me.

I had a 2 hours 30 mins sleep today before heading back to work again.
Of course, I was feeling relunctant to open my eyes, what more get off my bed.
That's pretty much what happens when I dont get enough sleep.
Oh, I missed out being extremely quiet too.
Yeshhh, I was sucha zombie that Jerrard and Kar Mern had to say this:
You were so hyper last night that I thought you went cuckoo.
Yeah, you are worst than him when he is you-know-what.
That's for being such a workaholic and loving Starbucks so much.
I was playing the role of Cinderella, scrubbing 95% of the floor till 3am in the morning.
Allow me to add this:
I went Sports Ville to foos again.
I was just not in the mood.
and all I can hear while playing was:
control the ball. control the ball
by Phyden, my Guru.
And yes, I still suck in foos.
This is what I wore today.
I learnt my lesson well.
Never to wear shorts or anything that doesnt cover up till your wrist.
Sports Ville was effing cold, I was shivering!!!

Checkered Shirt - Pull & Bear, Shorts - Cotton On, Shoes - Converse

Walk with me, and we shall weather the storm together.
Yes, I love my converse!
I kinda ruined my old one which I bought all the way from Bali.
Good night,
Not Yor Average Barbie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Time is Precious!

The Wonder Women will be back in action the day after!
Stay tune
with ♥,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Current ♥session!

Black Cardigan & Black Bodycon Skirt - Cotton On, Snake Tank Dress - V@mp, Laced Heels - Kiss & Tell
I am currently obssessed with my snake tank dress I bought online last week that is oh-so-versatile! It's in pale yellow which really goes well with either my black oxford (also from Kiss & Tell), the heels seen in the photo. It goes well with PVC leggings too, match it up with some black chunky accessories to give it an edgy look. This tank is a complete fab buy! *wooots*


Friday, June 18, 2010


I was going to Sports Ville on Wednesday night after work with Punching Bag.
Someone texted me and gave me a surprise when he told me, he was going too.
On my way there, he said "see you there! good night dummy"
My reaction?
"why is he saying good night?"
When I got there, I called him and he said he's comin up.
I was soo excited that he actually came.
But guess what?
I got pranked! Twice! On the same joke.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hands caressing my hair,
Lips gently pressed against mine,
Your scent, my aphrodisiac

Body like Adonis
To the eyes of Aphrodite
Imperfections never more perfect
Boy, do I miss your presence.


The parting will be hard, yes.
But I will not be torn apart for I know now,
the truth you have been keeping to yourself all this while.
I am fortunate.
Thank You!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Those Three Words, He made it Two.

I went back to store after my test yesterday which I've obviouslly passed.
(I'd kill myself if I didnt)
I checked my phones and boy!!
I gasped and squealed with joy when I read his message.
I've been longing to hear that from him..
And he finally said it.
I'm beyond happy.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I blogged. I studied. I went back to bed.
thursday morning @ 11.30am.
Woke up at 1.30pm, got ready and went for movie marathon.
Oooh it was awesome!!
Watched The A-Team & Killers.
Both were just hillarious and action packed.
Plus I was watching it with you.

clock is ticking and I'm counting the seconds till I see your face again..
Ooh! I found this in my long gone lappie!
Mum finally gave my laptop back.
Though it's in pink and really small to my liking,
I still love it.
The fact that this laptop was bought by dad out of randomness,
While I, on the other hand, was hunting for one.
Ohh, I think this was taken in year 2006.
When I was only 19!!
This was during Taylor's Uni College Dinner & Dance night @ Park Royal, KL.
I wonder where did that watch and dress went..?
And ooh,
Lammy's birthday is today.
We had whipped cream shower last night after work
(Which was just 4 hours ago and it wasn't really shower, drizzling rather)
I shall upload the photos tomoro or something.
Heading off to bed now.
Btw, I am in a very cheerful cheeky mood today.
You know why.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Me thinks the dummy knocked her head hard.

I suddenly have the urge to sew
Random. Random. Random.
But I'm lovin every single bit of this idea
Currently hunting for books, sewing machine and fabrics.
and other sewing neccessities.
I might just end up knitting sock softies.


It was raining again yesterday afternoon.
I was so bored at home and started camwhoring.

another day has passed, yet I still miss you that much.

Went Ikea at about 3 something, close to 4pm.
Got myself a new quilt cover and pillow cases,
picture frames and a poster which I need to get it framed.
Now this is what I still need to get from Ikea..

~ Thick curtains!! RM119
~ Queen sized quilt (Mine's King sized and I forgot -.-) RM99
~ Bed Sheet!! RM50
~ Pillows!! RM??
~ Rug RM179
~ Bed side lamp RM39

Oh boy! That's a lot of money..
I'll probably buy them elsewhere that's cheaper.
It's hunting time again!!
I just loveeee shopping!

Little Treasures

My first trip to Sabah.
And the lil princess first trip out of KL
She looked so adorable here with her hoodie on!!

Every step you take,
I will always be there,
To make sure you wont fall.
If you do,
I'll be there to catch you,
Make sure you stand right back up,
And continue walking tall.

Vote for Them!! :D

I loveee my Kate Moss tank to bits!!
Got it from Mr. Jeremy Wong, owner of MyFavouritees
He's got a whole lot of awesome collections for both genders.
Go check out his stuff!! They are all a fab buy!!
Here's the link:

Oh, here's what you can do too!
Go to this site:

click "LIKE" on their page.
Then view their photo album:
MOFEW The Search (Round One) and search for Myfavouritees banner.
Find it and click the "LIKE" button too.
(That's if you think he's got nice worth buying items)
I just ordered 3 pairs of heels from Très Trésors
And this is one of them.
Gorgeous red killer heels kan?
You can vote for them @ MOFEW too!!
You know the drill!
I can't wait for them to arrive. I'm soooo excited!
I love shopping!

It was raining on Tuesday morning when I was asleep.
The weather was just perfect that I slept so peacefully
Made myself a cuppa hot chocolate @ work in the afternoon.
Weather was still goood then.
And since it's been a while since I played with my drink,
I did it with chocolate drizzle.
And Kar Mern decided to drip a drop of her own chocolate on mine.

Starbucks is ♥

Sunday, June 6, 2010

music to my ears..

I was bored so I went video hunting on YouTube and boy, do I miss listening to this:

Flight of the Bumblebee by Maksim

then I found this little angel, Emily Bear.
She's been playing the piano since 3 years old.
Now, she's the Piano Prodigy.
I wouldnt say she's the next Mozart or Beethoven.
She is as awesome as they both are. No, she's way better!
Being able to play so well and composing her own song at this age?

and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven reminds me of the korean horror movie,
One Miss Call.
That movie is rather sad than scary.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wonder Woman!

Worked at 7am today. Yesterday to be exact
(I have yet to sleep!!)
God was I relunctant to get off my bed.
I was sooo excited that I finally get the morning shift.
It's been a while since I get to go home early and have the rest of the night to play with.
Unfortunately, being the Wonder Woman that I am,
I did split shifts today.
7am - 5pm
8pm - 2am
Nice right?
I'm sucha workaholic.
It's tiring but I love it still.
Splurged myself today on:
~ a new handbag from TopShop
~ a new pair of skinnies
~ make ups which cost another Rm90
(I wanna get the skinnies from TopShop!! It's awesome!!)
Siew Pao + Egg Tart + Pork Balls Nudle for Supper.
It's ♥ for the very very hungwee tummy.
I fed myself well.
Or rather bulls eye sakai did.
*whistles ♪*

Lost in the realm of disappointment

He's left for the weekend for holiday.
And telling me about it only the night before.
Bet if I didnt text him,
he couldnt be bothered to tell me.
Where do I stand in your heart now?

How does a...

2 hours foot massage
(along with complementary shoulder massage)
at 3 in the morning sounds?
Awesome rightttttttttttt?!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I acted like an irrational jackass tonight.
I am such an imbecile, nitwit, nimcompoop,
whatever that relates to being an idiotic person or foolish or stupid.
See what my stuborness got me into.
Now I live with regrets.
I love you. Always have. Always will.
I pretended it wasn't transparent between us.
I hoped, wished and prayed everyday that it wasn't.
Yes, joke is on me now.

10 things I hate about you.

I hate the way you make me smile.
I hate the way you make me laugh.
I hate the way you make me cry.
I hate the way we kissed good night.
I hate the way we hugged that made me feel safe.
I hate the way your finger fits perfectly in between mine.
I hate the way you take my breath away with your charm.
I hate the way you make me love hearing you calling me "dummy".
I hate the way you say "Mega Mac" that cheers me up.
Last but not least,
I hate the fact that I am..
still trully madly deeply in love with you.
I miss you terribly..


I spent Rm300 in Cotton On today.
I just found out an hour ago, I could get em' for free.

love is blind, so they say.

I am being an anal.
You are one hell of a heartless person.
Yet, I still love you.
Joke's on me all along.
I am sucha pathetic fool.