Saturday, June 26, 2010

I missed the big battle.

Yup, I missed the big battle tonite.
Brazil vs Portugal.
All cause I slept late and broke the deal.
The least you could do is show some appreciation for the effort made.
Instead of going on about how 14 or 40 minutes, it doesnt make any difference.
I could have stayed up till the sun is shining so brightly which I didn't.
When you first said you love me, I was beyond happy.
Yes, I was indeed!
But now that I think of it, I don't think you actually do.
Those words were just text and like you once said,
it's just someone typing behind the screen.
They could be completely expressionless for all you know.
I dont feel needed nor wanted.
And that deal, yes it's my fault for breaking it.
But then again, I'm a human.
I am not your pet and neither am i your toy.
On the other hand,
I spent two and a half hours alone, down at the park in my condo.
Reading a book in the cold cold chilly night,
sipping my Winter Melon flavored can drink,
watching the kids playing while parents chat-away.
Yes, it brought back memories and how I used to love doing just that.
Ooh, thank you Anas for the score report.
Brazil baybehh, you are awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!

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