Friday, October 22, 2010

there she goes again.. (:

It's the time again!!
And now she can't wait till the day it finally lands in her hand.

Studded Cardi, Studded Army Green Top, Army Beige Shorts - Miccaz

The shoeeeeees!!

 N/A Dr Martens

Mary-Jane Pumps

Now, should I get the above or the one below?

Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with the combination of wedge + boots.

she's also getting a few hosieries.
* which she most likely wont be wearing it out anytime soon *
she ♥s em' no matter what.
she's also looking for
- black harem pants
- knee length socks!!


Tonight is movie night!
I think I am having I M S O M N I A.
it's suicide again @ work later.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As much as I hate living where I live now,
I just adore the sunset view from my bedroom.
It is simply stunning.

 This images were taken @ 7.10pm.

Headed to Pavillion for dinner and movie.
Yes, I finally walked around in Pavillion.
For the first time.
and this was what that came into my mind:
I am coming to this Topshop and Zara outlet when the salary comes in.
* smacks head *

The hungry monster was out, so we went hunting for fooood!
Wanted La Bodega at first, instead we ended up here!
Carlos Mexican Canteena

I fell in love with the ambiance instantly.
It's a combination of a Mexican restaurant + Shisha bar, located on the ground floor of Pavillion.

The service was okay but the meals came pretty fast.
Probably cause the hungry monster in me was quite obvious.

We ordered:

I don't remember what they called this but its Black Pepper Chicken
The image is right on the back page of the menu cover.
Someone claimed it was extremely spicy but I love it!!

Mexican Potato Skins
ooohh this is just delicious!!
It consist of 2 pieces oven baked potato skin stuffed with minced meat/chicken topped with melted cheese.
Tempting, no?
I drooled just looking at the description of it on the menu.

and my very own Spaghetti Seafood with Tomato sauce which someone also claimed it to be spicy.
Just look at the oyster and prawn and crab.
Ooh boy!!

I couldn't finish my meal.
Overall, it was really a very satisfying meal and the price are pretty affordable.
A must-try!!
I'm definitely going there again whenever I visit Pavillion.

And I ended my trip to Pavillion with this:

"Buried" acted by Ryan Reynolds.

It word.
D I S A P P O I N T I N G!
Should have just watched The Other Guys as planned.

Got home and my hand got itchy with the my phone camera.
Hence the randomness below.

 "DKNY Be Delicious; Peach Blossom" - a birthday gift, "The Body Shop; Oceanus Body Lotion"
The scent of this two is simply a seduction to me.
The DKNY fragrance is just soft and gentle.
The lotion, just like it's name, has the scent of the ocean breeze that I have always loved.

and here are the things I have splurged on the past months.
uh ohhhh.

 Sasatinnie's Make Up Base, Silky Girl's Loose Powder, Red Earth's All-in-one Concealer Kit, Kate's Liquid Foundation.

Cybercolor's Liquid Liner in Black, Kate's Gradical Eye Collection in Blue and Brown, Kate's Deep Eye Collection in Green, Rimmel's Liquid Liner in Dark Brown, Maybeline's 2-in-1 Long Lashes Mascara, Maybeline's Volume Express Mascara which I used for my lower lashes.

 Oh yes. I went lipstick-crazy that particular month and I still am.

 Maybeline's Watershine Lipstick in Pure Red

 Prestige's Moisture Lipstick in Romantic Red

 Cybercolor Aqua Soft Lipstick Collection in Cherry

oh, trust me.
I will be on make up craze again by the end of this month.

and this was what I wore today
 Cardigan, Grey Camisole, Floral Skirt, Black Belt - all from Cotton On
Heels - Tres Tresors
Accessories - Diva

I know it seems like I have just drew my eye with eyeliner.
which I didn't.

and guess what I just found out today.
in the midst of explaining to my sister how Kate's BB Cream looked like
and what kind of lipstick and color I am looking for,
this is what she answered me:

I came all the way to Hong Kong to shop for you or for me?
Anyway, the Ralph Lauren perfume you wanted is out.
I bought you Burberry Touch already so the lipstick is the last I'm gonna get you.

Another new perfume for me?
I'm sucha happy happy girl.

I wonder what's the scent of my new perfume like.
It has:

Top Notes -
+ Orange
+ Blackberry
+ Black Currant
+ Cranberry
+ Cassia
+ Red Pepper
+ Rose Oil

Middle Notes -
+ Peony
+ Lily
+ Tuberose
+ Raspberry
+ Peach
+ Jasmine
+ Lily of the Valley

Base Notes -
+ Vanilla
+ Tonka Beans
+ Green Almond
+ Cedar

Yes, I searched the net regarding the perfume.
I was just am indeed very excited!!

Oh, did I mention that I have finally deleted all our photos?
Yes, I finally gathered enough guts to do so.
Scratched out.
The wounded heart, now healed.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

Hammieeees! (:

Oh boy.
The last I counted, I had 18 hamsters.
Then, I had 24 of them!!
Welcome, new members of the family.

 Two out of the 6 new borns that got out from their home.
They looked like mummy!!

Here's the mummy!

 Here's the culprit!

 and...the mummy's sister.

However, dad just gave 6 babies from the previous batch away.
So I am now once again left with 18.
The two older babies.
They both look like daddy

The younger four that was recently given away.

This new borns are going away too!
They've been booked!!

Went for movie @ GSC, One Utama few days back with Eugene Fish!
We were there late, everything was pretty much closed or closing.
Hence, our dinner @ Glitters, GSC
and this is my chicken lasagna.
*smacks head hard*

Uh huh!
Some said it looked like puke. I say it looks like prison food.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey, you! Yes, you.
Why are you in my dreams?
Haven't you done enough damages already in reality?
I finally kicked you out of my head and heart, now you haunt me in my dreams?
Your appearance in my dreams no longer bring a smile to my face.
Instead, it is now a nightmare.


I still keep your photos.
I still remember how we used to laugh.
I still remember how we used to touch.

Letting you go is the hardest,
Cause you gave me happiness like no other.

I wanna move on.
Why can't you let me be?

Get out of my dreams, you!

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life is a never ending journey.

Dawn tinges the black sky,
A glow beyond the dark of night.
Impossible shades of gray, then silver turning to gold.
Beauty only God can provide, trying to light the sadness of my empty soul.

Night followed by day and day followed by night.
TV blaring trying to fill the soundless space within.

I am tired, exhausted..yet I am running.
The trees down the avenue cannot be counted.
The once harmonious tunes of the humming birds cannot be heard.
I am running too fast.

My mouth is dry yet water doesn't quench my thirst.
It is not what I need.
My heart pounding so hard, I can barely breathe
It is so intensed that my tears came rolling down
Yet I have to keep running.

The blue sky stretches far across the tepid marshland.
A delicate amethyst which surrounds the crouching sun.
Signals every cloud to its place along the horizon.

I stopped.
I stood still.
Focused on the beauty of a day's decays.
As calm descended upon me with the weight of a falling star.
I found my peace in the flushing quiet that has consumed my mind.
But I have yet to find my eden in the docksides' fading day.

It has been quite uneventful so far,
Plenty of silence broken only by the occasional sounds of the late night trucks.
A long time indeed since I have stayed awake till the early dawn,
6am to be precised.
Sleep is the last thing on my mind, rest is in backyard of my head.
My mind, like a ticking clock, keeps thinking,
From the silliest to the bizarre, from the good moments to the bad,
and scribbling the "what if" and "if only" scenarios.
As the cold morning breeze is playing havoc with my senses,
gently disrupting my thoughts and put my mind to rest,
I try to stay alive.

With a new dawn approaching near and my destination still a long distance away,
I am keeping my senses sharp and not overwhelming it with the "to be forgotten past"
As the future is still waiting to be born, patience and courage is all I have.
And it is all I need.
I will run again today and the day after,
And I will keep running til' the arrival of my final destination.
For tomorrow will be a better today,
And for today shall be tomorrow's memories.


my memory is a polaroid picture, left in the sun.
the scene is discoloured and warped,
and i am left with only an abstract memory, as if i had heard the story second hand.
but in the language of my heart, the events are crystalline.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥


Oh tonight, I am feeling fine.
I am just spending time alone tonight.
I am just having conversations with the thoughts in my head.
All I hear is the angels crying with happy tears, some even applauded.
Oh my thoughts, oh my quiet time alone,
how badly have I missed you.


and I have found my light that has guided my journey through all darkness.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

You, my first.

When I held her for the first time,
My life began to shine.
And at that frozen moment then,
I realised this life wasn't just mine.
She is an angel and she is mine,
For me, she left her wings with no idea just how much happiness she truly brings.
My days are brighten with her smiles and laughs,
For she helps me remember all the blessings that I have.
Her face so perfect and soft and sweet and pure,
Sometimes she can be willfull and sometimes she is demure.
And in that very moment she came into my world,
I knew that she is more than just my precious baby girl
She would be my sunshine with a sweetness that won't end,
and when she grows up one day she would be my closest friend.
She would be the reason I would always try my best,
For my baby girl will always be my greatest test.
I would do what it takes,
To help her correct her mistakes.
Whenever she is in need,
By her side I will always be.

For she is my baby girl for eternity.
I would walk a million miles just to see you smile.

With ♥,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm back in action.

All that's worn here, I honestly dont remember which blogshop I got em' from.
But the accessories are from Diva.
Finally got my cropped top!!
Bought it from Jeremy @ MyFavouritees
Top: Bjork Cropped Top, Bottom: Cotton On, Accessories: Necklace-cum-bracelet & Ring from Diva
I managed to grab the last piece here from No Plain Days
Worth every single penny paid for.
I think I have like 6 lace dresses now.
This is the latest one I got from The Attire's Attic
and the jacket's from ROOM 8008
and yes, I love dragonflies.

♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥