Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life is a never ending journey.

Dawn tinges the black sky,
A glow beyond the dark of night.
Impossible shades of gray, then silver turning to gold.
Beauty only God can provide, trying to light the sadness of my empty soul.

Night followed by day and day followed by night.
TV blaring trying to fill the soundless space within.

I am tired, exhausted..yet I am running.
The trees down the avenue cannot be counted.
The once harmonious tunes of the humming birds cannot be heard.
I am running too fast.

My mouth is dry yet water doesn't quench my thirst.
It is not what I need.
My heart pounding so hard, I can barely breathe
It is so intensed that my tears came rolling down
Yet I have to keep running.

The blue sky stretches far across the tepid marshland.
A delicate amethyst which surrounds the crouching sun.
Signals every cloud to its place along the horizon.

I stopped.
I stood still.
Focused on the beauty of a day's decays.
As calm descended upon me with the weight of a falling star.
I found my peace in the flushing quiet that has consumed my mind.
But I have yet to find my eden in the docksides' fading day.

It has been quite uneventful so far,
Plenty of silence broken only by the occasional sounds of the late night trucks.
A long time indeed since I have stayed awake till the early dawn,
6am to be precised.
Sleep is the last thing on my mind, rest is in backyard of my head.
My mind, like a ticking clock, keeps thinking,
From the silliest to the bizarre, from the good moments to the bad,
and scribbling the "what if" and "if only" scenarios.
As the cold morning breeze is playing havoc with my senses,
gently disrupting my thoughts and put my mind to rest,
I try to stay alive.

With a new dawn approaching near and my destination still a long distance away,
I am keeping my senses sharp and not overwhelming it with the "to be forgotten past"
As the future is still waiting to be born, patience and courage is all I have.
And it is all I need.
I will run again today and the day after,
And I will keep running til' the arrival of my final destination.
For tomorrow will be a better today,
And for today shall be tomorrow's memories.


my memory is a polaroid picture, left in the sun.
the scene is discoloured and warped,
and i am left with only an abstract memory, as if i had heard the story second hand.
but in the language of my heart, the events are crystalline.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

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