Thursday, April 15, 2010

the sound of flushing toilet bowls, running water, footsteps and echoes were her lullaby.

Wednesday, 14th April.
One hell of an awesome day + night.
I was on my way up to Genting at 5.30pm.
With who? That I shall keep it as anonymous.
I got an Iced Venti 6 pumps Vanilla Latte before kicking off.
[and I had another when we got there. *chuckles*]
Sat @ Sbux [like duhh. where else would I be?] for about 2 hours,
listening to the conversation of one's past drinking stories.
[unfortunately, no leng chais! *sobs*]
Was chilling @ the gardens behind Theme Park Hotel
when the weather suddenly got out of hand
[at least for me. *blushes*]
I was having such an awesome time enjoying the cold weather & view,
I completely forgot I was supposed to be back in USJ by 10pm.
Thank god SW wasn't pissed at me, neither was ST for waiting so long.
[I hope so]
There were only 4 of us.
I was knocked out by the fourth or fifth glass.
Dang SW & ST wouldn't stop laughing at me.
So smart go drinkin with empty stomach.
I ended up puking not twice but thrice!
And for the first time, I fell asleep in both Velvet & Phuture's toilet.
Sorry to keep you waiting outside the toilet!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

im sucha shopaholic, its overflowing.

I so need to get a wardrobe n rearrange me bhajues!
It's all messed up!!
And a shoe rack for my shoes.

you were a complete waste of time.

I almost forgot my password for this blog account.
Things has been really crazy lately.
I've been working my ars off and now I'm completely exhausted.
In other words, I'm sick!
Anyhows, I'm planning to pierce my naval again!
For the dang third time.
And no, I'm not going back to dragonfly to do it.
Waste money lahh!!
I feel so much relieved now after a month of time-wasting relationship.
Felt like a whole lot of burden has just been unloaded.
All the single ladies, lets party!!