Saturday, March 5, 2011

Imma lucky girl! :D

Yes, I am indeed!
At the beginning of the year, I stumbled upon this Fashion Reviewer's Site:

and they were having a "Maxi Dress Day" contest on every 7th January of every year.
It was as simple as ABC.
All I had to do was, capture a photo of myself wearing a maxi dress,
send it in via e-mail along with contact details.
That's all I had to do. (:
Next, all participants were to wait till 7th February for the winner announcement.
I wasn't expecting to win but when La Robe * Prize sponsor * emailed me regarding this,
I squealed with joy!!!
(That is because I've never won anything online. Teehee)
Here's my winning photo!!

 Taken @ Sunset Cape, Phuket

and here's my prize from La Robe!!
Received it not too long ago and I loveee the material!
It's chiffon + inner layer with straps that can be tied to your liking.

One day, I was at work with Wen Qi, doing the mid shift.
She came to me showing a video of Katy Perry's latest collection, Shatter.
I was like.. "WTH is shatter??"
And when I saw the video, my jaw dropped open and I was completely amazed!!
I quickly head on to this nail polish website that I normally purchase from:

Unfortunately, the loading of the page on my phone was extremely slow.
I ended up leaving a comment on her FB page saying this:
"Hi, when will Katy Perry's collection be on sale??"
and she replied (or rather said something similar):
"Hi, Mchlle. It wont be on sale till the end of the competition. Nail Fiesta is currently giving away one Katy Perry Collection Set to one lucky winner who "Likes" our FB page (:"
I clicked "Like" on her page a while ago so I just left it as it was.
Few weeks later, my fingers got itchy to purchase new polishes.
I clicked on Nail Fiesta's FB page and this was her status:
"Katy Perry's Collection's lucky winner is.... MICHELLE NG!!"
with my FB link on it!!
You should have seen my reaction real life.
I was screaming in front of my PC screen at home alone.

Here's what I've won:
and here's how the shade looks like with Shatter.

I'm lovin' it!

Be sure to check out Nail Fiesta for awesome deals and affordable nail polishes!
and if you are not sure how the colours will turn out, check out her blog!

(where you can find awesomely cheap OPIs)
(for the colour chart)

I have just bought another three polishes!!
Two for myself and one's for Wen Qi's birthday pressie.

Here's what I am waiting for patiently.

OPI's Blue My Mind

OPI's Dim Sum Plum

China Glaze's Crackle - Black Mesh
(for the birthday girl)

and hopefully Miss Nail Fiesta brings in this whole collection.
I am drooling over the red & turquoise shatter!!
photo courtesy of