Thursday, April 15, 2010

the sound of flushing toilet bowls, running water, footsteps and echoes were her lullaby.

Wednesday, 14th April.
One hell of an awesome day + night.
I was on my way up to Genting at 5.30pm.
With who? That I shall keep it as anonymous.
I got an Iced Venti 6 pumps Vanilla Latte before kicking off.
[and I had another when we got there. *chuckles*]
Sat @ Sbux [like duhh. where else would I be?] for about 2 hours,
listening to the conversation of one's past drinking stories.
[unfortunately, no leng chais! *sobs*]
Was chilling @ the gardens behind Theme Park Hotel
when the weather suddenly got out of hand
[at least for me. *blushes*]
I was having such an awesome time enjoying the cold weather & view,
I completely forgot I was supposed to be back in USJ by 10pm.
Thank god SW wasn't pissed at me, neither was ST for waiting so long.
[I hope so]
There were only 4 of us.
I was knocked out by the fourth or fifth glass.
Dang SW & ST wouldn't stop laughing at me.
So smart go drinkin with empty stomach.
I ended up puking not twice but thrice!
And for the first time, I fell asleep in both Velvet & Phuture's toilet.
Sorry to keep you waiting outside the toilet!!

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