Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hammieeees! (:

Oh boy.
The last I counted, I had 18 hamsters.
Then, I had 24 of them!!
Welcome, new members of the family.

 Two out of the 6 new borns that got out from their home.
They looked like mummy!!

Here's the mummy!

 Here's the culprit!

 and...the mummy's sister.

However, dad just gave 6 babies from the previous batch away.
So I am now once again left with 18.
The two older babies.
They both look like daddy

The younger four that was recently given away.

This new borns are going away too!
They've been booked!!

Went for movie @ GSC, One Utama few days back with Eugene Fish!
We were there late, everything was pretty much closed or closing.
Hence, our dinner @ Glitters, GSC
and this is my chicken lasagna.
*smacks head hard*

Uh huh!
Some said it looked like puke. I say it looks like prison food.

♥ not.your.average.barbie ♥

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