Thursday, June 24, 2010

walk with me.

I had a 2 hours 30 mins sleep today before heading back to work again.
Of course, I was feeling relunctant to open my eyes, what more get off my bed.
That's pretty much what happens when I dont get enough sleep.
Oh, I missed out being extremely quiet too.
Yeshhh, I was sucha zombie that Jerrard and Kar Mern had to say this:
You were so hyper last night that I thought you went cuckoo.
Yeah, you are worst than him when he is you-know-what.
That's for being such a workaholic and loving Starbucks so much.
I was playing the role of Cinderella, scrubbing 95% of the floor till 3am in the morning.
Allow me to add this:
I went Sports Ville to foos again.
I was just not in the mood.
and all I can hear while playing was:
control the ball. control the ball
by Phyden, my Guru.
And yes, I still suck in foos.
This is what I wore today.
I learnt my lesson well.
Never to wear shorts or anything that doesnt cover up till your wrist.
Sports Ville was effing cold, I was shivering!!!

Checkered Shirt - Pull & Bear, Shorts - Cotton On, Shoes - Converse

Walk with me, and we shall weather the storm together.
Yes, I love my converse!
I kinda ruined my old one which I bought all the way from Bali.
Good night,
Not Yor Average Barbie

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