Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my heart, as hard as the rock.

Good Morning, readers!
I just got home from a long tiring day.
I was so relunctant to sleep early yesterday as it was my last holiday before I head back to work.
I ended up sleeping at 8 in the morning and waking up at 12pm.
Needless to say, I missed Sports Ville's official opening.
To apologise for missing it and to show my support,
I wore their official "jersey" there and that jersey, it's my very first piece that says:
I am a fooser!
* a noob one, if you must know *
Anyhoos, since I woke up at 12pm and had nothing better to do till 6 in the evening,
I texted skinnylegs to go out and capture some photos.
Yes, skinnylegs bought a dang new Nikon DSLR!!
Took us about three hours since I woke up to actually meet.
Went over to The Curve cause well, The Curve is simply beautiful.
I adore that mall's concept.
It's peacefull, spacious, luxurious looking and home-ie.
Yes it is!!
Skinnylegs wanted to capture some photos by the fountain in between:
1) Bavarian Bierhause
3) Big Apple Donuts
4) Marche.
FYI, I am camera-shy in public.
Unless someone's posing with me.
The staffs were all busy starring at us!
So we ended up chilling @ Starbucks first.
And here's a candid.
The colours turned out simply gorgeous!!
Skinnylegs got bored of taking candid shots after like 30 mins or more.
Kept pestering me to get off my seat, stop  being shy and head over to the fountain.
I finally gave in and we went.
I was feeling extremely awkward at first but yeah, it got better after awhile.
I refused to look straight in the camera for the first few shots.
Cardigan & Floral Tube Dress: Online Blogshop, Beige booties and belt: Kiss & Tell, Bag: Topshop
See? Not so camera shy now.
Though the weather wasn't very good,
That area was still looking pretty.
and I got caught under the rain.
I finally warmed up to taking photos alone in public that I got so excited,
I said this to skinnylegs:
Hey, I think the photos will look good taken from that view
*pointing to first floor*
Yeah, go upstairs and I'll capture it from here.
So I climbed up the stairs and boy, I look small.
Later on when we were about to leave The Curve,
Skinnylegs suggested mirror reflections.
I like how the background colour turned out.
Anyhoos, I went over to Sports Ville after work today @ 2am.
It was pretty empty when I got there but it's also a good thing for me.
I got my hard core training from Phyden and Galvin.
Its awesome!!
However, I pity Phyden for training me cause I s*cked!!
Oh, I received quite a few upsetting messages too.
Yes it hurts, but I think my heart is so numb, I feel no remorse.
And I am a sick puppy!!!
Did I mention how happy I am that Portugal is officially out from FIFA 10'?
Hell yeah, I am proud of Spain for kickin arse!!
See Ronaldo, you really shouldn't be bragging so much about yourself!
World's best footballer?
♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥

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