Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vote for Them!! :D

I loveee my Kate Moss tank to bits!!
Got it from Mr. Jeremy Wong, owner of MyFavouritees
He's got a whole lot of awesome collections for both genders.
Go check out his stuff!! They are all a fab buy!!
Here's the link:

Oh, here's what you can do too!
Go to this site:

click "LIKE" on their page.
Then view their photo album:
MOFEW The Search (Round One) and search for Myfavouritees banner.
Find it and click the "LIKE" button too.
(That's if you think he's got nice worth buying items)
I just ordered 3 pairs of heels from Très Trésors
And this is one of them.
Gorgeous red killer heels kan?
You can vote for them @ MOFEW too!!
You know the drill!
I can't wait for them to arrive. I'm soooo excited!
I love shopping!

It was raining on Tuesday morning when I was asleep.
The weather was just perfect that I slept so peacefully
Made myself a cuppa hot chocolate @ work in the afternoon.
Weather was still goood then.
And since it's been a while since I played with my drink,
I did it with chocolate drizzle.
And Kar Mern decided to drip a drop of her own chocolate on mine.

Starbucks is ♥

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