Thursday, June 10, 2010


It was raining again yesterday afternoon.
I was so bored at home and started camwhoring.

another day has passed, yet I still miss you that much.

Went Ikea at about 3 something, close to 4pm.
Got myself a new quilt cover and pillow cases,
picture frames and a poster which I need to get it framed.
Now this is what I still need to get from Ikea..

~ Thick curtains!! RM119
~ Queen sized quilt (Mine's King sized and I forgot -.-) RM99
~ Bed Sheet!! RM50
~ Pillows!! RM??
~ Rug RM179
~ Bed side lamp RM39

Oh boy! That's a lot of money..
I'll probably buy them elsewhere that's cheaper.
It's hunting time again!!
I just loveeee shopping!

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