Friday, June 11, 2010


I blogged. I studied. I went back to bed.
thursday morning @ 11.30am.
Woke up at 1.30pm, got ready and went for movie marathon.
Oooh it was awesome!!
Watched The A-Team & Killers.
Both were just hillarious and action packed.
Plus I was watching it with you.

clock is ticking and I'm counting the seconds till I see your face again..
Ooh! I found this in my long gone lappie!
Mum finally gave my laptop back.
Though it's in pink and really small to my liking,
I still love it.
The fact that this laptop was bought by dad out of randomness,
While I, on the other hand, was hunting for one.
Ohh, I think this was taken in year 2006.
When I was only 19!!
This was during Taylor's Uni College Dinner & Dance night @ Park Royal, KL.
I wonder where did that watch and dress went..?
And ooh,
Lammy's birthday is today.
We had whipped cream shower last night after work
(Which was just 4 hours ago and it wasn't really shower, drizzling rather)
I shall upload the photos tomoro or something.
Heading off to bed now.
Btw, I am in a very cheerful cheeky mood today.
You know why.

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