Friday, June 4, 2010

Wonder Woman!

Worked at 7am today. Yesterday to be exact
(I have yet to sleep!!)
God was I relunctant to get off my bed.
I was sooo excited that I finally get the morning shift.
It's been a while since I get to go home early and have the rest of the night to play with.
Unfortunately, being the Wonder Woman that I am,
I did split shifts today.
7am - 5pm
8pm - 2am
Nice right?
I'm sucha workaholic.
It's tiring but I love it still.
Splurged myself today on:
~ a new handbag from TopShop
~ a new pair of skinnies
~ make ups which cost another Rm90
(I wanna get the skinnies from TopShop!! It's awesome!!)
Siew Pao + Egg Tart + Pork Balls Nudle for Supper.
It's ♥ for the very very hungwee tummy.
I fed myself well.
Or rather bulls eye sakai did.
*whistles ♪*

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