Friday, July 9, 2010

so much for pleasing you.

You are always asking me to see things from your point of view.
Have you ever see it from mine?
You said I used her name as an excuse.
The amount of times you accuse me of cheating, have you ever thought maybe I feel the same?
You think it's fun to hear
"... is very worried about me and is takin me to the hospital"
"... will do such things for me like picking me up and send me to where I need to go, wait for me, then send me home"

You think that is fun?

or how about this?

"are you still sick cause I don't want to fall sick again"

then come askin me to stay over and tell me how I've broke my promise when I said no.

Hey, you can't blame me for saying no after how you said you dont want to fall sick again.

You said lets not call this love, lets call it a fling.
Hey, hasn't this been nothing but a fling all this while?
Cause someone once told me this:

If I dont tell anyone that the girl I am seeing is my gf, then it's just a fling.


Now, tell me, do you know why I am never satisfied or why am I always just thinkin about my feelings and not yours?
I am selfish, you said.
Mind you,
I can never be as selfish as you are.

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