Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And again, the shopaholic went nuts shopping.

I am just waiting for all of them to actually arrive.
Cant wait, I am as excited as a kid who's just got an ice cream.
Ribbon Kitten Heel from Heels Boutique
Laced Dress from The Coco Closet
Hole-y Beige Heels from Tres-Tresors
* and two other pairs *

Red Pumps from The Kooky Thing
I have also just bought:
Two blazers and a white snake pumps from Ablinc
White Cardigan, Two Camisole & Two Flare Skirts from Cotton On
Accessories from Diva
Hair Iron + Hair Treatment chemicals from Shins & L'oreal
Make Ups from Sasa
Boater Hat
* a.k.a Can Can Hat *
and guess what this silly girl did.
I just bought a pair of fake eyelashes which cost me RM24
and while I was so into clearing the garbage in my room,
I threw the eyelash away as well, only realising it the day after the garbage was taken out.
Yeah, this smart girl forgot to check if the paperbags were completely empty of stuff.

Good night, world.
♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥

lil' dummy dum dum (:

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