Monday, July 5, 2010


singing...♪ everything is gonna be alright ♪

I miss doing this!!
Yes, I do!
I am no expert, mind you. It's just what I love doing.
It makes me happy.
Anyhoos, I submitted the three outfits here for TeenVogue's Wardrobe Remix.
There's no harm trying.

Outfit one - Innocent Ballerina
Whoops, I forgot to tag my invisible black headband
- which was actually a sash from one of my black dresses.

I got the booties from Michelle, owner of Kiss and Tell.
This is simply one of my favourite pair.
It's fitting and comfortable and the heels are just yummmmm!!

Outfit Two - Country Girl wannabe

Oh, yes. I just adore such lifestyle.
Peaceful, spacious, calm, composed.

I got my "Can Can Hat" from A Season in Summer just recently.
It's uber.adorable!
I got this brown bootie from Kiss and Tell too, if you must know.
I love shopping with her. She's got awesome choices!!
Bought this lovely floral skirt from Ablinc.

Outfit 3 - This is me!

Yeah, this outfit represents who I really am.
Tough. Boyish. with a little touch of Feminism.
Blazer by Veritas Lab
Boots by Kooky Thing
Shorts by Cotton On

I love love love this boots!!
I got it from Kooky Thing.
Wasn't planning to own one at first but I needed a pair for AA's annual dinner.
Their theme was "Back to School" and my batch of girls?
We chose the "b.tchy rebelious students"

That's all for now.
I am heading to bed.
I'm heading to the national zoo this thursday.
To clean poop!!

Now i'm singing..
♪ oh oh oh oh
o-oh oh oh oh
o-o-oh oh oh oh
o-o-o-oh oh oh
omygawd. ♪

Did I mention I am Cotton On addict?

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