Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Times (:

Everything after work was just goooooooooood!!
Went to pick up my shoes from Andrea, owner of Tres Tresor.
Yeah, the three pairs I ordered has finally arrived!!! :D
All three was just perfect fitting and gorgeous. Now, Andrea is definitely a good advisor in shoe sizing.
Dinner @ The Apartment for the first time.
Was sittin in the lounge, the ambience was just lovely. (:
I had Clams and Mussels!!
Went for movie after that at e@Curve.
The Backup Plan was awesomee!! :)
Watched it with bearded pig and boy, he definitely enjoyed himself singing along with the OST
At some point, J.Lo reminds me of Hillary Duff
(especially the part where she was tryin out her "speech" in front of the mirror)
She's hot as always!!
Right now?
I am in Starbucks Coffee @ Kota Damansara, wrapped with Air Asia's blankie, watching the final match.
Spain vs Netherlands.
Viva Espana!!!
Yeah, this is how bearded pig looks like.
and the bearded pig I went out with today insisted that I choose a cute image.
Sorry, this is the cutest I can find!!!
Today's happy day. (:
♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥


  1. Sounds like such a lovely day spent relaxing. My favourite part? Sitting at starbucks with a blanket watching the game. Love it!

  2. Thank you Abi.
    It was indeed rather relaxing, especially after cleaning the zoo. Spending the night in Starbucks watching the final game with blanket was just my best moment in that coffee house. It feels like home!! :)