Thursday, November 11, 2010

of food.drinks.and.what.nots.

Was searching through my old bag of make ups and found these!
Pink & Purple Nail Polish!!
Thankfully it's still usable.

Painted in just before I went The Curve for dinner.

Dinner @ Sakae Sushi with Quah Eugene.
From Ikea's Swedish Meatballs to Bubba Gump to Thai Express to this.
So fickle minded, that guy.
We had..

Lipton's Iced Lemon Tea

Chuka Kurage
* I didn't know it was seasoned jellyfish until eating it after a number of times *

Egg Mayo Gunkan
Chicken Cheese Yaki
Kani Salad

Prawn Fried Rice each, which we both didn't finish.

Last but not least,
more Egg Mayo!!
Egg Mayo Inari is wrapped with seaweed however Gunkan is..
I don't remember.
Eugene ordered Grilled Scallop too.
Which was kinda raw.

Went Starbucks for Coffee after being so bloated.
We played Poker & Chor Dai Di.
and he thought me how to deal.
And kept calling me Fish for being such a noob in Poker.
I cleared my debts by bluffing though.
Who's the Fish now?!
* whistles *

Got home and started with my nails again.
I miss doing manicure.

Combo of Red + Pink, Aqua + Purple
Too free.

I finally received my items from Miccaz!!
But out of everything I bought from them,
I only loved the shorts and the animal print bag.
Hence I'm selling of the other items which are not shown here.

Beige Cardigan: Cloth and Sash Boutique
White Tank Top: Cotton On
Shorts and Bag: Miccaz
I ♥ this pullover oh-so-muchh!!
It's soft and comfy, it's my lullaby!!!
another one from Cotton On.
I always lovee my purchases from this brand.
It is always at affordable prices!
One place that will make a tiny huge hole in my pocket but worth every penny given.
Pinstriped BF Shirt: Cotton On
Black Shorts: Cotton On 
The shirt is pretty long for a not-so-shortie like me.
It looks better tucked in or tied at the end of it.
Material is thick enough to keep me warm and thin enough to walk under hot sunny days.


White Laced Dress: Cloth and Sash
Red Cardigan: The Attire's Attic

I adore every single bit of this number 7th laced dress I've got.
* if I counted correctly *
The cutting is superb and the lace used as layering is awesome.
However, the material is slightly sheer and is best worn with nude colour intimates
* like duhh *
and this Red Pullover which I bought quite sometime ago is excellent though it's a lil' heavy.
Material is thick enough to keep me warm in Genting
* I hate suck in cold cold weathers *
and it is uber comfortable

I am heading to bed now.
Bfore that, I'm gonna eat.
G'night world.

♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥

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