Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Chapter

Is about to begin.
but she has a million unanswered questions.

one of the many,
should she take the risk?

there is a certain unspoken joy in her,
where she is completely uncertained about.
she is afraid of uttering those three words.
those three words that once cut her deep.

yet she still holds him close,
for he found the keys to unlock its door.

will he promise to walk down the track with her?
be it with light or in darkness.
will he be there to break her fall, dry her tears, push away all fears?

and at the end of the journey,
will he still be around, to rest on this bench and enjoy what's left of the rest of their lives?

or will the bench be empty, like it is now?

she is clueless.
she's had enough going through the journey.
she is tired.
she needs time.
she needs assurance, not just by spilling words.

will she ever find her answers?

will it be too late when she does?

she is...

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