Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As promised.

Outfit One
Dress: Topshop, Belt: Online Blogshop, Cardigan: Cotton On, Heels: Tres-Tresors
I love this dress. From the colour to the design to the cutting.
It's exceptionally perfect!! (:
Outfit Two:
Black Laced Dress: The Coco Closet, Shoes: Tres-Tresors
White Laced Dress: The Coco Closet, Bag: The Bolstershop, Heels: Tres-Tresors
* all bought from online boutiques - it's convenient and affordable! *
Yup, call me crazy. I tend to buy clothes that I really adore in different colours.
They do come in handy on different occasions.
I know, I'm a shopaholic who needs her medication.
* blush *

Outfit Three:
Polka Dotted Dress *comes along with the belt*: Lush Serendipity, Heels: Tres-Tresors
* also from online boutiques (: *
I got this years ago and till today, I still have no idea where to wear this to.
It's a keeper though. Teehee!!
Outfit Four:
Blazer: Veritas Lab, Dress: Myfavouritees @ MOFEW, Heels: Tres-Tresors
Adore the material, the soft blue tone and the peek-a-boo back!
Outfit Five:
White Shirt: CandyTreats, Skirt: Cotton On, Glasses: Mum's, Bracelet: Bazaar, Boots: The Kooky Thing
Was trying to pull off a kinky school girl look. It didnt quite work out. ):
And I couldnt find my tie!!
* grins *

Till then,
good night world. good night bearded pig.

♥ not.yor.average.barbie ♥

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  1. Michelle,

    I thought I saw you at MOFEW that day! Should've came over to say hi ;)

    Anyway, you're a real fashionista! Hehehehe thanks for bringing traffic to my site :P

    Très Trésors