Saturday, July 3, 2010

he's leaving and i'm moving on.

Need I say more?
My day was filled with mixed feelings.
Disappointed - with his accusation
Sad - that he's leaving
Pissed - for giving me the attitude
Happy - that my colleagues made me laughed till I teared
Annoyed - cause I have no idea what he wants
Hyped up - thanks to the never ending orders
Agitated - with my tummy who's been upset and busy playin drumrolls.
Disappointed again - with Brazil losing but heck, I'm still proud
* I'm still supporting them! *
Emo - with the songs I've just heard
and right now,
Listening to:
 Rainbow Connection *clicketeyclick* - Sarah McLachlan
Miniature Birds *clicketeyclick* - Grand Archives
  cheers me up in the simplest way.
I couldn't be bothered and has no respect for him, he said.
I know I should cherish the lil time we have left
but I've had enough with your accusation.
It's not worth getting hurt
by someone who isn't going to be there
and who doesn't trust a single word I say.
I am moving on.
Time will heal this broken wound.

1 comment:

  1. Days are filled with such a mix of emotions. If someone constantly makes your days more miserable than pleasant, it might be time to reconsider their role in your life.