Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Runway Oopsiedaisies!

What title should I put for this post..?
"The Amazing Runway Poses"

"Oooh, thank you for coming! Please let me hug you.."

"Look!! Look!! I'm flying without wings!!"

"Put your right leg out, put your right leg in and shake it all about.."

"Let me show you my new pose, SPIDER! and ooh, my tattoo too! :)"

"Ready..Get set..GO!! oops, I fell backwards!" *blushes*

Another racer who decides to turn the other way and then made a final decision to cancel her race.

The "kow tow" pose. Not bad aye?

"Kow Tow" Number 2. Which one looks better?

Last but not least..
"Yo, whuddup" girl decided to flash flash a lil.
And viewers said...

Entertaining dong!!

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